“Product innovation has been at the heart of JAC Products from its beginning and remains so today. Our products provide value-added differentiation for our customers’ vehicles. Our ability to design and build innovative products with the stylish integration of extruded, molded, and roll-formed components, in unique combinations, is one significant way in which JAC Products enables our customers to achieve their specific vision for each vehicle. The execution of a well-conceived business plan is at the heart of our performance, and the relentless pursuit of improvement in all aspects of our work is key to maintaining our market leadership position."
 - Mike Wood


President and CEO

Mike Wood joined the organization in 2011 as Chief Operating Officer and appointed CEO & President in October of 2014. Mike is responsible for the overall management, growth, and success of the business. He is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the Company’s long-term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value, and overall responsibility for the operational and financial achievements of the business.

Dennis Kirby

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Kirby joined JAC Products in 2012 as Corporate Controller and promoted to Vice President Finance in 2017. In  May of 2018, Dennis was promoted to Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for the overall financial planning, reporting, internal controls and risk management, tax and treasury, audit, and Information Technology activities for the global business. 

Noel Ranka

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer 

Noel Ranka joined the JAC Products sales organization in 2004. During the following twelve years, he successfully completed assignments of expanded sales management and executive sales leadership roles. After a brief leave of absence from the organization, Noel rejoined in 2021 in his current role leading the global sales, marketing, and advanced product development strategies of the business. 

Mike Gallico

Vice President Human Resources & Administration

Mike Gallico joined JAC Products in April of 2011. Mike is responsible for all of the programs ensuring that we have the necessary, capable talent, an engaging work environment, and competitive, cost-effective benefit programs. He is responsible for our communication strategies and Co-Chairs our Global Safety Council and our Global Sustainability Council.

Don Cline

Vice President Operations

Don Cline joined JAC Products in 2011 as Executive Director Sales for North America. Don was appointed Vice President Sales for North America in 2015 and in January of 2018 assumed responsibility for global business development. In 2020, Don assumed additional responsibility for JAC Products Operations bringing his understanding of customer requirements and expectations, as well as his previous manufacturing background to bear on the operational performance of our business. From 2021, Don has led our global Operations with a focus on system execution and continuous improvement.

Alex Hall

Vice President Global Product Engineering

Alex Hall joined JAC Products in 2011 as Project Engineering Manager. In 2015, Alex was appointed global Director of Product Engineering. His responsibility includes the overall design and engineering of all production products, resident engineering, warranty management, and leadership of all VAVE activities across the Company. He also serves as Co-Chair of the JAC Products Sustainability Council.

Gordon Michie

VP Advanced Product Development 

Gordon Michie joined JAC Products in 1999 and progressed through a number of engineering and program management assignments. After leading the global Product Engineering activity for several years, he assumed responsibility for leading and expanding our Advanced Engineering team in 2016.

Steve Schafer

Manager Director of North America

Steve Schafer joined JAC Products in April 2021 to assume the leadership of the recently established North American Region.  This change of organization structure defined the region as an operating unit within JAC Products in a manner consistent with our European and China structures. Steve has overall responsibility for regional customer relationships, sales and commercial activities, and the operational and financial performance of the regional business.

Ricardo Neves

Managing Director Europe

Ricardo Neves joined JAC Products in July of 2017. Ricardo is leading the expansion and growth of our European business. He has overall responsibility for regional customer relationships, planning and implementing the growth strategy for Europe, the operational and financial performance of the business, and leadership of our European organization. 

Tony Yuan

Managing Director China

Tony Yuan joined JAC Products in January of 2018. Tony has assumed responsibility for the rapid development of our organization, and our business in China. He is responsible for expanding customer relationships and developing new business opportunities as well as the overall operational and financial performance of the regional business.

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