JAC Products is proud of its longstanding business policies and practices that reflect our commitment to a robust Health and Safety Program, Environmental Protection, Equal Employment Opportunity, Satisfying Work Environment, and positive Community Relations. JAC Products has a formal policy of Sustainability & Social Responsibility that brings together the associated practices within one document. This policy establishes clear principles that ensure the implementation of best practices supporting sustainability throughout our global business, and from which we drive continuous improvement in all related activities. It is the goal of our organization to demonstrate genuine care for our employees and their work environment, the natural outdoor environment, and the communities where we work; to partner with key suppliers that promote similar practices, and in doing so, support the goals of our OEM Customers.

Our policy statement on Sustainability & Social Responsibility can be found in the “downloads” section of this website.

Our Global Environmental and Chemical Management Structure can be found in the “downloads” section of this website.

Our Ethics Hotline is administered by an independent third party and available for any stakeholders to voice concerns about our business practices. The Ethics Point Service Representative may be reached at +1 (888) 317.8063 or at

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